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Staff Augmentation Model for Software Development Outsourcing

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation, also known as an extended development team or team augmentation, is a software outsourcing model that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your in-house team while retaining total control over your project.

How it works: In a staff augmentation engagement, you are effectively “borrowing” your outsourcing partner’s engineering talent for however long you need it. You can seamlessly integrate top-tier engineers into your in-house team.

Management and responsibility: Since your project is shared between your in-house team and your extended team, you (or someone else from your in-house team) are in charge of managing the process and workflows on a day-to-day basis. You retain overall responsibility for achieving results.

Control: This is the outsourcing engagement model in which you maintain the highest level of control.

When Is Staff Augmentation Best?

When you have in-house development talent. The staff augmentation outsourcing model works best for businesses of any size that have existing in-house development teams. After all, you can’t “augment” an in-house team if it doesn’t exist.

When you have in-house technical leadership. In addition, staff augmentation arrangements require that you have an in-house technical lead with enough experience and knowledge to manage the project, like a Director of Engineering or CTO.

When you need expertise you don’t have in-house. Staff augmentation outsourcing is a great option for companies that need top-tier talent with specific expertise — but can’t necessarily afford to recruit, train, and retain that talent themselves.

When you want speed to execution on in-house projects. Staff augmentation outsourcing is also a great option when you need an extra boost of talent for a specific project but want to remain fully in control of the development process. That could mean bringing in new expertise or just speeding up your development timelines.

When you need to add talent to your team quickly — without waiting for in-house recruiting. Given the tech talent shortage, recruiting the right in-house talent can take months or even years. With staff augmentation outsourcing, you can quickly source the talent you need to get your work done.At your option, in-house recruiting efforts can continue in the background. After all, when you find the right in-house resource, you can easily scale down your outsourcing engagement.

What Are the Advantages Of Staff Augmentation?

Increased development capacity and output. With a staff augmentation model, you can add extra engineers to your team when you need them, for exactly as long as you need them. No recruiting or HR help is required. Your outsourced workers give you the added bandwidth you need to develop products more efficiently. You get to market faster and iterate faster.

Significant cost efficiencies. Staff augmentation is particularly attractive for businesses in which cost efficiency and quality are high priorities. Savings may include:

  • Lower staffing and HR costs. You gain access to great talent without having to pay full-time salaries or wasting your budget on “the bench.” You’re also saving on recruiting, HR, onboarding, and turnover costs.
  • Lower operational costs. You’re not paying for outsourced workers’ office space, hardware (e.g., computers), software, taxes, benefits, ongoing training, or downtime.
  • Lower development costs. Given all of these savings, you also reduce overall product development costs.

Flexibility and scalability. Staff augmentation outsourcing affords you the highest level of flexibility. Scaling your team up or down is as simple as putting in a request to your outsourcing partner. If you’re seeking more staff, they’ll deliver new resumes in little to no time.

Access to top talent. You have ongoing access to some of the best engineers and IT experts in the world. But you don’t have to put up the hefty full-time salaries and benefits packages needed to keep them. Access to top talent has become especially important in recent years, as businesses struggle to attract and retain the right talent.

Fewer recruiting headaches. Your staff augmentation outsourcing provider does all the footwork to match you with high-quality candidates who have the right expertise. You are only recruiting responsibility is final interviews, in which you decide whether you’d like to move forward with the resource(s) they’re offering.

Zero recruitment risk. There’s no recruitment risk. Your outsourcing provider supplies the right talent, and you have the recourse to ask for staffing changes at any time.

Speed to innovation. More bandwidth + the right expertise + fresh ideas and perspectives from your outsourced workers = increased speed to innovation.

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